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Event Regulations and Guidelines

are as follows and very dependent on the size and location of the particular tournament. Tournament Regulations and Guidelines are posted alongside the Full Tournament Schedule upon release.

  • Players may not play on multiple teams in the same division or interchange teams in a division after the tournament weekend has begun.

  • Teams must pay full team fee before thier first game.


Courtside Basketball Tournaments in the fall and winter usually a 3-game guarantee. All Tournaments are 2-Day (Saturday-Sunday) unless otherwise noted during registration. However, some exceptions apply depending on your selection. These details will be posted with the registration information of the event. ***If tournament fees aren't paid 24 hours in advance, teams may be subject to forfeiture. Our website features online payments, however a Cash/Check payment will be accepted as well. Sorry, but checks will not be accepted for spectator  admission under any circumstances.

Tournament Disclamer

Courtside Basketball Tournaments and participating facilities are not responsible for any injuries, stolen property, or responsible for any accident(s) of any player(s) or coach(es) that participate in game(s) or the fan(s) that attend the game(s).
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